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The Online presence of Inderjeet Sodhi - IT Consultant, Software/E-Security Solution Provider,
Web/WAP developer and Beta Tester

Beta-Testing Services by Inderjeet Sodhi:
As you might already be aware, it has been a long time since Inderjeet got into computers. it is this experience that has given him the confidence to test applications/software written by others. Clients can be sure that the application tested by Inderjeet will conform to standards as well as visual aesthetics.

Software Development Services:
With an analytical bent of mind gifted by Nature, Inderjeet utilises the same into computer programming to the maximum levels. While coding, his abilities to interact with the computer and understand the 'requirements' of the machine help him achieve levels of perfection that others dare not go close to. For this reason, Inderjeet is known to take his own time in finishing the projects. However, once time limits are agreed upon, he's as firm as a stone to get the things done well in time, no matter what.


Inderjeet has developed a lot of applications for clients as well for his own utilization. Some of these are available in the downloads area. Beginning with GWBasic, he has developed various stand alone and network based/Client Server systems using vivid tools and languages. The range of applications, tools and Languages he has fiddled with, but not limited to, are:

In Random order:
  Language/Tool* Self Rating(yrs since working) Last Worked
  Visual Basic Excellent(10) Current
  Visual Foxpro Excellent(8) Current
Visual dBase Excellent(7) 1998
C++ (partial) Average(9) 1999
Coreldraw Excellent(11) Current
Pagemaker Excellent(11) Current
Foxpro (Dos) Excellent(13) 02/2004
HTML Excellent(5) Current
Adobe Photoshop Good(7) Current
Corel Photopaint Good(6) Current
  Frontpage Excellent(4) Current
  MS Word Excellent(12) Current
  MS Excel Excellent(12) Current
  PowerPoint Excellent(12) Current
MS Access Excellent(?) Current
PHP Can;t say, PHP is evolving -
ASP Good(3) Current
Vbscript Good(4) Current
mySQL Excellent(3) Curremt
MS SQL Excellent(4) Current
Oracle Good(4) 2002
Networking Excellent(6) Current
MM Flash Good(4) Current
MM Dreamweaver Excellent(4) Current
.NET -Still trying- -
  Operating Systems Self Rating(yrs since working) Last Worked
MS-DOS, including batch files Excellent(14) Current
Windows 3.1 Excellent(10) 1994
Windows 95 Excellent( 2001
Windows 98 Excellent(5) Current
Windows NT Poor 1999
Windows Me Excellent(4) Current
Windows 2000 Excellent(4) Current
Linux Excellent(4) current
Unix Good(13) 2000
  Language/Tool (Obsolete) Self Rating(yrs since working) Last Worked
WordStar Excellent(4) 1994
  Lotus 123 Excellent(4) 1995
  Dbase Excellent(4) 1996
  GW-Basic Excellent(6) 1995
  Cobol Poor(<1) 1990
  Foxpro Excellent(9) 1999
* Not necessarily owned

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