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s some wise man said, "Life does not come with an instruction manual". I have believed strongly in the saying and tried to observe things as they came. Having a first hand experience with life caused a lot of changes in beliefs and dis-beliefs. Add to it the scientific temper and the 'urge to know' that makes me sometimes strip things apart and see how they work and why do they work the way do. Why not have it work an alternate way? Well soon afterwards I'd find myself engrossed in experiments, without caring for food and water. While most of the results from these experiments have made me believe that there are only a few things that are impossible. For the rest, we need patience and dedication. Furthermore, such experiments with Life made me have an intellectual eye about things around me. Sometimes I think about things that are not related to me or my field. Even then, all my thoughts/observations are presented here.

please note that these are my personal beliefs and not aimed at anyone in particular, be it someone individual, a community or some place. Also, there may not be any scientific base to support what I believe and to some, I might sound insane!   

What I believe...(coming soon)
About the Education System in India...
About IT Education in India
Human Relationships
Life itself
Changes in Biological Systems (Modified Virus etc)
Life on Other planets/Galaxies
Shifts in Culture

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