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(Removal/Cleaning Instructions)
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So you're sure you have this new spyware/worm in your computer. Fortunately, it does not seem to have any destructive intentions at the moment. You can get rid of the worm by following simple steps. (Please note: Use at your own risk. Inderjeet Sodhi or the site hosts shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by following the instructions in these pages. Do only if you know what you're doing.)

a) Download the latest Patch for Internet Explorer that plugs the hole due to which the worm descended on your computer from

b) Delete the Wmplayer.exe file in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player. Update the Windows Media Player by running the setup_wm.exe file in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player Folder. If you cannot update it due to bandwidth or other restrictions, you can extract only the executable file wmplayer.exe from the setup disks. You may also alternatively download the file from various sites.

c) Use the start->search option of your computer to find a file called googleMS.dll on your computer. If it is found, delete the file. You can rename the file if you don't trust us. :-)

d) Now time to revert back the registry entries for IE default homepage as well as other entries. Caution: Backup registry first! Run regedit and find entries matching "idgsearch". Delete these entries. Also find googleMS.DLL and if found, delete the entry(ies). Close regedit. You can do the above tasks by using some freeware programs also. We recommend using HijackThis! just check the entries that have the and googleMS.dll reference and delete them.

e) Start Internet Explorer and goto Tools->Internet Options and select "Security" Tab. Now click once on "Trusted Sites". If you see any entries that you manually did not put there, remove them.

f) Now close IE and reboot your Computer.

You should be free from that nagging problem by now. If not, possibly you missed some step. Repeat the step once more and if you still can't clean the system, call someone who knows more that you. :)

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