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The arrogant
(Updated on 17 Nov 2003, 0:03AM +0530GMT)
Original Post is here. Removal/Cleaning instructions are here.

If you're wondering why your Internet Explorer keeps setting as your default homepage, it'd be high time to mention that your systems maybe affected by a possible spyware program or a worm (un-named at the moment, 16 Nov 2003).

If the Windows Media Player (version 9, default is colorful one) icon has changed to a blue pie chart type icon, then the chances of having got infected are high. It may look like .Any attempts to change the icon are reverted instantly.

Furthermore, the presence of GoogleMS.DLL file in the "application data" folder confirms the "infection".

Additionally, there maybe unwanted entries in the Safe Zone (Safe site list) of Internet Explorer. You can check this by going to Tools->Internet Options->Security->Trusted Sites and click on "Sites". If there are some entries that you did not put there, then the bad news is, you are "completely" infected. It does not, howver, mean the end of the world. You can get rid of this problem by following some simple steps. Click here to read the removal/cleaning instructions.

Best of Luck.

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