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Articles authored by Inderjeet

With a technical bent of mind, Inderjeet also has a flair for writing. Though most of the articles are related to the Information Technology and other technical subjects, many of these can be read by non-technical people also. Many of the works have been published in various National and Interational Newspapers, Magazines and other periodicals etc.

Here are some of the articles available for anyone to read (and download, if available).

If you are presenting the content of any of these articles in some other media, please be curteous to ask for a permission, which usually, is granted without any royalty or fee.


  Date Title Format Size
1. 22 Mar 2004 Firewalls Indispensible for Cablenet Online -
2. 6 Aug 2001 Don't give me red Online -
3. 07 Jan 2002 Dead Ultras tell no tales, Their Laptop may Online -
4. 10 Sep 2000 Protecting the cyberspace online, -
5. Various Ministry of Information Technology, India Online -

Unpublished (Technical):

  Date Title Format Size
1. ----- WireLess Lan - an overview MS Word -
2. ----- Exporting OutLook Express Data MS Word -
3. ----- Cablenet: (In)Security for home user HTML -

Unpublished (Non-technical):

  Date Title Format Size
1. --- an untitled humourous article visualising the Future MS Word -

Request a Download:
Full Downloads are also available for some of the articles in preview mode here. You can download and use the articles for publishing purposes with prior written permission by Inderjeet. Some are royalty free while some have to be paid for. Click here to contact Inderjeet.

No White papers are available for download. They are being modified for online suitability and shall be posted in DOC and PDF formats soon.

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