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Personal data About Inderjeet Sodhi

Inderjeet was born on the last day of October, 1974. A typical scorpio as some people would like to know, he has the do or die spirit. A perfectionist by nature, he finds himself into controversies arising out of delays in attaining the perfection. No matter what, he abides by his principles. Some people mis-understand this as arrogance. But then, he does not care about those 'some people'. No, Pride isn't in his blood. A down to earth personality he is. That's what others say about him. He's also a bold and unbiased observer.

A higly infectious personality as some people say, Inderjeet has a few friends but sincerity is the essence. Age does not matter as far as friendships are concerned. In fact, many of his friends are far older to him.

Inderjeet has a strong desire to do something for the world. Something that leaves a permanent impact on human mankind. He is very much interested in providing assistance in finding solutions to the unknown. This includes space exploration, life beyond the Earth, Earthquake prediction, cure for the incurable, Utilizing non-conventional energy resources et al.

Personalities I respect... 
Shekhar Kapoor - (Producer, Director) for his bold, intense and perfectionist nature. 
Sabeer Bhatia - (Co-Founder, Hotmail) For his down to earth nature and the "Let's try" spirit.  
Prof. YashPaul - (Professor Scientist) For his true scientific spirit
Sir Marc Tully - (Renowned Journalist) Because of his love for India
Arun Jetlie - (ex-Law Minister) For being a 'mod' minister
Pramod Mahajan - (ex-Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Ex-minister, IT.) For empowering the country with the IT Act.
Sanjeev Kapoor - (Master Chef) For his genuine, on-the-fly creativity and presentation style
AR Rehman - (Musician) For his deep music 
many others, the list will be updated as and when required.

Read "What I believe..." by Inderjeet himself to read about his inmost feeling about life, people and other things.

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