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Here you can download any of the freeware/shareware software tools and programs developed by Inderjeet. Feel free to use and comment on the programs. However, all programs/articles are protected under copyright laws.

You can download programs(software)here. Articles can be downloaded from the articles page.

Note: All files are for Windows only

  Date Added Description Size Filename
1. 15 Nov 2002 Wintools: a tool that offers multiple socket based utilities like Domain Scanner, Portscanner etc.  69,632 Bytes wintools.exe
2. 15 Nov 2002 Serial Communication Tester: A program to interface serial devices and test the incoming response or sending commands via PC's serial Port (RS 232)  77,824 Bytes RS232Tool.exe
3. 15 Nov 2002 String Replicator: As an e-security consultant, I need to check buffer overflows. To do this, multiple instances of a string is required. This small program does the same. It asks for the string to replicate and the number of times to do that. Click on the button and bingo! Copy the output result and paste. 28,672 StringRepeater.exe
4.  15 Nov 2002 Binary to Hex and vice versa String converter. This handy tool asks for an converts a value either in binary or hex and converts it to the other. 20,480 BinHex.exe
5 9 Mar 2004 LanBlink is a utility for 9x/Me based systems. It shows Dialup like Lights in Taskbar to depict the TCP/IP activity when using Internet over LAN or to show network usage in general. 32,129


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