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Inderjeet Sodhi is an IT Consultant based at Chandigarh, India. Provides various Information Technology  related services to individuals and corporates. Service rendered are briefly highlighted below. Please choose a relevant link from the list:

Software Development:
    Inderjeet was first exposed to programming in 1990 when, while in school, he joined a part time course in BASIC language. GW-Basic™ by Microsoft was the interpreter used. Since then, everything else took a back seat and he was addicted to programming. The systems used were 8088 running at 4.7MHz (yes!!), 640 KB RAM, no HDD, two 640 KB FDDs and mono monitors running on Hercules Adapters. Now Inderjeet offers Customized software development services across the globe. Click here for more details.

    Consultancy is one of the prime business arenas for Inderjeet. There are various short and long term services that cover conceptualizing a service, implementing, overseeing and testing. Sometimes, it is limited only to providing solutions to a limited problem or a set of problems. A very good starting point and source for NRIs setting up or planning to set up IT based units in North India. Click here to read more.

    Beta testing services  are provided to desired clients usually under Non-Disclosure Agreements. The ability to go deep into the hows and whys of any practical activity has helps Inderjeet to analyze and test products/services from an end user's point of view. Suggestions and alternatives are suggested wherever needed. Click here to request a quote for your product/service.

    Hacking is a "hair-raising" word. Every now and then, we hear about one system or the other being brought down by hackers. Unfortunately, it is not the hackers  who're responsible, but the system administrators, in my humble opinion. The sysadm maybe ignorant or lethargic to check and plug any security loopholes. We provide various options under pro-active hacking and e-security services. You may request us to scan your "secure" system and we'll let you know whether it is really secure or not. Click here for more details.

Large Downloads:
    Primarily targeted at audiences who have unreliable bandwidth and Internet connections. We download the file(s) requested and ship it on a CD anywhere in the World. View Details and request a quote here.

    Troubleshooting is the heart-and-soul of Inderjeet. He uses the practical experience gained over the decade to solve exclusive software related problems. That is also how he has been able to accumulate and make a complete Knowledge Base on various computing tips, tricks and troubleshooting techniques.

R&D Services:
    When it comes to Research and Development, Inderjeet plays the role of a 'non-compromising agent'. That is, the quality conscious mentality comes into play. There is no scope for any mistakes. Inderjeet himself also invents and discovers new ways of using IT as a tool for  better productivity as well as management. Since R&D needs a lot financial backing,  organizations or individuals interested in Funding such projects are always welcome. Click here for details.

Digital Forensics:
    As the use of electronic and digital media grows, old professions take new shapes. This is also applicable in the world of Crime. Needless to say that the perpetrators of the September 11 attack on WTC and the December 13 attack on the Indian Parliament used digital media to communicate and plan the attacks. This strengthens the need to have cyber-crime forensic experts who can guide the physical agencies on the investigations concerning digital media. Inderjeet provides these services in Northern India. Click here for details.

Domain Registeration:
    Having an Online ID is like having a home these days. We can help you get your desired domain, at very competitive prices. We also maintain the domain througout the registered period.Click here for tariff and other details.

Courseware Development:
    Courseware is the soul of any subject.Click here for technical and other details.

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